Sudio Tre: The Perfect Earbuds For Workouts And Travel

Sudio Tre - Perfect Earbuds For An Active Lifestyle |

If you follow along on social media you may have noticed that I have scaled way back on travel. There have been a few trips but I have mostly stayed local to Southern California. One of the reasons is my focus to get healthy and exercising more. Since I’m at the gym so much, one thing I cannot live without is music for my workouts. Previously I reviewed the Sudio Sweden Regent over-ear headphones but now I’m here to share my favourite pair for the gym! The Sudio Tre!


Sudio Tre - Perfect Earbuds For An Active Lifestyle

One thing I have realized is that my ears are shaped weird. Most earbuds don’t stay in my ear. I have tried different sized ear pieces but if I’m jumping around or doing anything vigorous, they pop out. At first, I was skeptical about the Sudio Tre because I don’t like things poking or prodding my ear. Before I was using a pair of Sony over the ear hook on earbuds but they would hurt if I wore them for too long. Before sharing this review, I tried out the Sudio Tre for a month. They are hands down a favourite sport earbud. 

Sudio Tre - Perfect Earbuds For An Active Lifestyle

Here’s some info about the Sudio Tre from their website:

Designed for the active lifestyle, the Tre is sweat-proof & has custom wing-tips for the most secure fit. Operating under Bluetooth 4.1, Tre is equipped with world-class features such as 9+ hours of battery life, exceptional mic clarity, and Siri voice control. Tre offers full sound transparency so you can listen to your favourite tunes without losing touch of your surroundings.

They stay in my ear no matter what I’m doing!

Before I was using my Sudio Regents which I love. But they are not made for hardcore sweating. And I sweat a lot! With the Sudio Tre, I like that I can still hear my surroundings. So if I wanted to go for a run on the street, I could still hear traffic or people near me. That being said, they are perfect for wearing while you’re out exploring too.

Sometimes I like to wear earbuds when I’m riding trains or in public transportation. But I still like to be aware of my surroundings. On a recent trip to the Yukon, I packed both my Sudios. On the flight, I wore my Regents on the plane to block out sound while I was sleeping. For wandering around Whitehorse and for exercising, I used the Tre. Both great for travel!

I brought these guys along on my trip to the Yukon!
If you’re looking for new lightweight Bluetooth earbuds, don’t look any further!! These are perfect for taking along on travel explorations as well as vigorous workouts. I love them a lot! Use my code SUDIORTWGIRL for a 15% discount!! 



Sudio Tre - Perfect Earbuds For An Active Lifestyle

**Disclaimer: Many thanks to Sudio Sweden for sending these for review. As always, opinions expressed are solely my own.

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