Surfing Bali: Why You Should Hire A Surf Guide When You Visit Bali

Hire Surf Guide In Bali
Planning on surfing Bali? See below why it is a good idea!

Am I a surfer? Not really. I suck. I only put an effort into learning how to surf while I was in Bali during the latter half of my 4 months there. I have always been intimidated by the sport so I was nervous to try it out. I am not the strongest of swimmers so my fear held me back for a long time. When I was in Nha Trang, in Vietnam, my friend Paul taught me how to surf. Because I have been snowboarding for a long time and even used to skateboard, I was comfortable on the board and stood up on my first try. After that initial try, I was hooked. When I was in Phuket, I took lessons again. I took a few lessons in Bali and then left for the Philippines and went surfing there. When I came back I was fully focused on surfing Bali because I was hooked!

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 In Bali, I took private lessons from a guide for a week and it was much cheaper than taking lessons with a surf camp. If you wander around the beach many surf instructors will come up and try to sell you lessons. Most of those guys are okay, some better than others. Many of them know how to surf but are not skilled at teaching others. I learned that through trial and error.

Surfing Bali - Hiring A Guide

My friends Willie and Paul with our surf guide Eddie

We found our surf guide Eddie through some local friends. He had been a camp instructor for a large company but quit because he was making more money teaching on his own. Because he is a local he knows which breaks will be less crowded and what time the swells are at. He also drove us to surf spots and brought a friend to help drive our motorbikes for us because they know shortcuts and can fend off the local police who try to bribe tourists. My friend Willie who has been surfing for over 10 years agreed that having a guide was beneficial.

Hire Surf Guide In Bali |

Me and a surf guide in Seminyak – try different ones if you can, not all are good

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I know a lot of people who go to Bali and expect to surf and have an incredible time. This is not always the case because 1) it’s intimidating to drive a motorbike in Bal traffic to go and surf different breaks 2) Sometimes when you go out, it’s flat or the waves are too gnarly for newbies. For very little money, you can have a better time by hiring a local guide. They’ll take you into certain waves depending on your ability and be there to help you in the water. Just having someone there helped with my lack of confidence.

Surfing Bali - Hire A Surf Guide

This is Eddie. He is awesome. He was a guide at a German surf camp in Bali. They fully overwork and underpay the local surf guides. He was making $150 a month! It’s a better life for him to teach on his own. I recommend speaking to locals and getting recommendations. Perhaps try surfing Bali with a few different guides to see who you jive with and if you are improving. I realized there was a difference when I tried out different guides and noticed a difference in my surfing.

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Hire A Surf Guide In Bali |

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