Selfies: Taking Photos Of Yourself When You Travel Alone

Solo traveler photo tips
Do you travel alone and want to take selfies? 

While I was on one of my solo road trips up to Canada I was thinking about my dear late Mom who used to always say to me, “Take more photos of yourself and not just the scenery! How do I know you’re really there?” I have always preferred to be behind the camera and tend to only be friends with the camera when I’ve downed several glasses of whiskey or wine. I feel like an idiot taking selfies sometimes but if there’s no one around or the scenery is just too awesome I will do it. Most of the time I have to make a goofy face. Sorry, Mom!

But what about those moments when you want to capture that incredible moment and you’re alone?

What do you do? I’ve tried to take some decent selfies but I am 5’1″ and have the shortest limbs known to man. I have found the best solution! I usually travel solo so it’s not always ideal to set up my tripod and DSLR in all situations. These gadgets which I’ll call “selfie tools” are perfect because they are pretty discreet and easy to carry. Ideal for solo travellers, couples, or friends who want to be in the photos too!

First item:


Iphone Selfie |

Second item:
XShot Phone Holder

XShot Smart Phone Holder |

Third item:
X shot camera extender

Now place your iPhone in the XShot Phone Holder and now mount XShot extender to phone and holder.

Fourth item:
A Photography Timer App 

Timer Cam

There are different photography timer apps for your phone. I am not sure about Android or other phones but now iPhones have an internal timer for taking photos.  You can set a delay to your camera to shoot photos. When I am taking a selfie, usually a 5-second delay is fine. This allows me to smile and pose.

Here are some two selfies I have taken using my XShot and a photography timer app:

Sunshine Coast Selfie

A  Sunshine Coast of BC selfie

Oregon Coast Selfie

A coffee guzzling selfie on the Oregon Coast

Both places in my photos were completely desolate other than me. It was a perfect place to use the selfie tools!

How do you take a good selfie? Any tips to share?

**Disclaimer: Thank you to XShot for the selfie stick.  As always, all opinions are my own. Please note that links I have posted are affiliate links. You do not get charged extra if making a purchase but if a sale is made, I will make a minuscule percentage for my recommendations.**

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