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Hudson's Bay Company |

There is no doubt that I love Canada and all things Canadiana. I am a Canadian passport carrying citizen after all. One particular company that I love is the Hudson’s Bay Company. It is one of the oldest companies in North America. It was a fur trading company for most of its existence but now it is a chain of department stores across Canada. In the recent years, they launched a heritage line focusing on the roots and history of the company. You have probably seen wool blankets made by Pendleton or even Ralph Lauren, but the Hudson Bay Company five-point blanket is really the best one to have and the original. These blankets were used to trade for beaver pelts with the indigenous people of Canada. If you’re lucky you nabbed a vintage one at a garage sale long ago but if not you’re in luck because they are available to purchase but at a premium. Even vintage ones can fetch upwards of $300 or more. Here’s a link to purchase some of the heritage items.

Here are some pics that I snapped at the Hudson’s Bay Company store in Toronto:

Hudson's Bay Company |

The Hudson's Bay Company Five Point Blankets |

Hudson's Bay Company

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