Toronto Food: A Destination Guide Of Where To Eat

Poutinis House of Poutine

Toronto has become one of my favourite cities to eat in. Due to its diverse mix of cultures, there are many amazing places to eat in the city at any budget. And with its population, it can support great restaurant culture and young upcoming culinary talent. I’ve visited Toronto twice in the past few years and each time, I get kinda chubby eating there. So that’s a great sign! If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, below is a list of some of my favourite Toronto food spots that I recommend and that I would definitely go back to if returning.



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Toronto Food |

Now let’s get to that Toronto food!


Fahrenheit Coffee – 120 Lombard St

I only tried out a handful of coffee places in Toronto this past trip. When I was staying near St Lawrence Market, I went over to try Balzac’s Coffee one morning but then found Fahrenheit the next morning. I prefer Fahrenheit but if you can’t handle serious baristas, you may not like this place. Their coffees are excellent but going there is like being on an episode of Portlandia. When you order a cortado they ask you if you know it can only be drunk in the shop. Hahaha. Balzac’s was fine and great if you’re right by St. Lawrence but the coffee was just okay. They do have a great tile floor, though!!

Toronto Food - Fahrenheit Coffee |

Dark Horse – several locations

When I was wandering around Queen West on my previous trip, I went to Dark Horse. While I didn’t go this year I’m sure the coffee is good and they have several locations for your coffee needs.

Toronto Food - Dark Horse Coffee |

*I didn’t try Sam James. I heard a lot about Sam James but there weren’t any locations that were super close to me. I walked by one late in the day but didn’t need a dose of caffeine. It looks like hipster coffee so I’m sure it’s alright.**

Toronto Food Market

St. Lawrence Market – 92-95 Front Street East

If you like food markets, St. Lawrence Market is a must. I’ve written a post about my favourite markets around the world here and oh yeah…Nat Geo awarded it best food market in the world in 2012…so go! On Saturdays, they have a farmers market that starts at 5 am.

St Lawrence Market |

Casual/To Go

Banh Mi Boys – two locations

I’m sure there’s cheaper and “more authentic” banh mi at some Vietnamese cafe but Banh Mi Boys is great. It’s centrally located and it’s tasty. My friends and I ordered the kimchi fries, a pork belly bao, and a kalbi banh mi. Is it obvious I love pork?

Banh Mi Boys |

Mothers Dumplings– 421 Spadina open till 10pm/10:30 pm on weekends

Love dumplings? Mother’s Dumplings is a great go-to for Chinese eats. It’s cheap, semi cheerful, and comforting. I went solo once and ordered lamb shumai because I never see that on any menus. Lamb shumai! Tell me if you’ve ever seen that anywhere besides Mothers. I also went with my buddy recently and we ordered 4 kinds of dumplings and some veggies (to make ourselves feel better). They have xiao long bao here and while they are good, don’t expect Din Tai Fung-ness.

Mothers Dumplings |

Burgers Priest – many locations even in Edmonton and Hamilton now

When I was in Toronto in 2013 I tried out The Burgers Priest. I heard the guy wanted to make a burger similar to In n Out…they even have a secret menu. I like them!

Burgers Priest

California Sandwiches – several locations

Ok. I had heard so much about California Sandwiches for a while. I was super sad that I didn’t try it out when I was in Toronto in 2013. I even had lunch with people at Salumi in Seattle (Mario Batali’s dad’s place) who were raving about the veal sandwich at California. My cousins brought me and now I’m a convert. I need an Italian nonna to make me sandwiches!! Here’s a tip: order the sauce on the side to dip in.

California Sandwiches

Porchetta and Co –  825 Dundas St W

My cousins and I had an Italian sandwich afternoon and went here after going to California Sandwiches. We ordered a sandwich to share just so I could try it out. I love porchetta (extra crackling please), so I’m a fan of this place. We also had an arancino (deep-fried, breaded rice ball hi!) as a snack because we may have an addiction to food.

Porcetta and Co

Seven Lives Mariscos – 69 Kensington Ave

One day I met up with some friends in Kensington for drinks and hangs. Seven Lives had just opened up (in 2013) so we had some eats. I don’t really remember the tacos but the ceviche was super tasty. I eat tacos all the time as a California resident so I’m a bit finicky but if you want a taco in Toronto, this is a good option.

Seven Lives Mariscos

West Indian/Trini Food

Toronto has a large West Indian population so if you’re a fan of West Indian food and island food, you’ll be psyched. The only thing is most really really good spots are in the suburbs.

Patty King – 187 Baldwin St in Kensington Market

Patty King is great for picking up a snack when you’re hungry and in Kensington Market. I usually get a double or a beef or goat patty.

Patty King

Island Foods – 1182 King St W

I know Island Foods is basic but I like it and I’m fine with that. I know someone’s shaking their head and saying there are better but whatever!!! I like it! Get me a chana roti and a Ting and I’m irie man!

Island Foods

Ali’s Roti – 1446 Queen Street W (in Parkdale)

I was craving some island food so my friend Josh brought me to Ali’s Roti in Parkdale. It’s a hole in the wall too but really tasty. We shared jerk chicken and a buss up shut (translated: busted up shirt) aka goat paratha roti. This place does the job and is still in the city.

Ali's Roti

Sit Down

Pizza Libretto – 3 locations

Pizza Libretto has several locations and a good place if you are doing a group dinner and want pizza and pasta type meal. I went with a couple of friends and we share a bunch of appies and pizzas. Great pizza, nothing mind blowing but a good pizza go to.

Pizza Libretto

La Mesa Filipino – 669 Queen St W

Since I’m Filipino, I love Filipino food but I don’t always get to eat it. I don’t cook a lot myself since I’m always travelling and my dear Mom has passed but when there are Pinoy restaurants around, I’ll check them out. I love it when I hear that young Filipino entrepreneurs have opened up dining establishments too!! I will fully support! I went with my family and friends to La Mesa for a family dinner. We ordered from their prix fixe menu. Our party was all pleased with our meals which is basically a miracle when you have judgmental Filipino women (who can cook well) eating. I’m a fan, guys!

La Mesa Filipino

Bar Isabel –  797 College St

I wanted to eat at Bar Isabel when I was in Toronto in 2013 but couldn’t find a group to go with. I love Spanish food so I was really sad to not have made it. When dining at an establishment like Bar Isabel, it’s good to go with a group so you can order a ton of different things to share.

It is still getting excellent reviews so I made a reservation for my cousins and I go to this past trip (June 2015). We were all extremely happy with the food, drinks, and service. I 100000000% vouch for this place. Apologies for my photos, it’s really dark in there. Bar Isabel is only open in the evenings sadly. Make a reservation early…we had to have dinner at 10:30 pm in order to snag a reso for our group.

Bar Isabel

Bar Raval – 505 College St

I read that the owner of Bar Isabel was opening a new pintxo bar called Bar Raval. Being a lover of Basque food I was super excited and put this high on my Toronto to do list. We went for brunch/lunch and my cousins and I feasted like Spanish royalty! I was so so so so happy. Ordered a cortado to start and some tortilla (proper!) and many other things. We basically went H.A.M. here. I could eat here every day. It’s open at 8 am till late. Don’t hesitate, just go.

Bar Raval

416 Snack Bar – 181 Bathurst St

I’m a fan of 416. It’s super tiny but if you want to grab drinks with friends and some small plates, it’s an awesome vibe. Please note this place does not have forks. So if you’re trying to eat a fried whole fish you gotta pick at it with little chopsticks. That was my only complaint but I really like this place a lot.

416 Snack Bar

La Carnita – Two Locations

La Carnitas is fun and the food was tasty. My favourites were the ribs (a special) and the paletas. It is super loud so if you’re on a date, it might not be the best place to go but for groups it’s fun. The host was a salty little hipster so make a reservation because this place is popular.

La Carnita

Campagnolo – 832 Dundas St W

I didn’t eat here this past June (2015) but from what I hear, it’s still excellent. Country-style Italian food. Go with a group and share with your friends. Order lots of cocktails from the barman GP. I had a killer blueberry old fashioned here and can’t stop thinking about it actually. And if it’s in season, the salt and pepper pannacotta dessert is amazing!


Black Hoof –  928 Dundas St W

While I didn’t eat at Black Hoof, I did eat at the Raw Bar for brunch two years ago. I think they it shut down or renamed it, I’m not sure. The Black Hoof is still opened though. They also opened up another bar called Rhum Bar which I read about just recently. I ordered deep fried sweetbreads and waffles for brunch. It may not be your thing but they were really tasty as was the smoked mackerel hash. The Caesar cocktail here was awesome too.

Black Hoof


Nadege Patisserie – several locations

Nadege is a very pretty patisserie. I come here to get macarons and eclairs when I’m craving something sweet. Besides desserts, they also have savoury items like croissants and sandwiches as well as coffee and tea.

Nadege Patisserie

Bang Bang Ice Cream  –  93 Ossington Ave

My cousins brought me to Bang Bang Ice Cream. They make ice cream sandwiches on homemade cookies here or you can have it in a cone/cup or even bubble waffle Hong Kong style!! OMG. I’m so sad I didn’t have the bubble waffle now!

Bang Bang Ice Cream

  • 416 Snackbar
  • Mill Street Brewery in the Distillery District
  • Bar Isabel
  • Bar Raval
  • Drake Hotel (a bit scene-y but if that’s your thing)
Late Night

Poutini’s – 1112 Queen St W

What’s a trip to Canada without some poutine? Poutini’s is awesome and even more awesome when you throw bacon on it.

Poutinis House of Poutin

This is by no means the be all, end all of dining and drinking in Toronto. These are just a few Toronto food spots that I really loved and would go back to. I always make these posts for my friends who often ask me where they should go eat. I’d love to go back and eat more, Toronto is an excellent city for great eats!

What are favourite Toronto eateries? Share in the comments!

*Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you for my referral. I only ever recommend services that I have used myself. The support is always appreciated but never expected and helps with the running costs of this blog. Opinions stated are solely my own*

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