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Europe bound? Use Rail Europe to help plan!

There is something about train travel that I love. I think it’s from hearing stories from friends or watching movies as well as being able to watch landscapes as you head towards your next destination. It’s something that I have been enamoured with since I was young. While train travel is not that popular in North America, I was able to experience riding trains in Europe on my round the world trip. I was not able to ride trains in every country but I was able to experience the trains from Spain to France, France to Belgium, Belgium to the Netherlands, and within England. And today lucky readers…Rail Europe is going to help you with your future travels!

Rail Europe Paris France

A train in Gare du Nord in Paris, France

Rail Europe Paris France

The departures board at Paris’ Gare du Nord

What I loved about the trains in Europe were their speed and efficiency. Many of the trains I rode were high speed and I could be in another country in a few hours. As someone who is in my car all the time, it’s so nice to leave the driving to someone else, especially in foreign countries. While I was riding on the train I was able to read, catch up on sleep, or get on my laptop (sometimes there was even Wi-Fi) and do some work. I know it’s not possible for everyone to travel slow, but taking my time and enjoying the journey and scenery is amazing. With train travel, it’s always easier to get to train stations since they are usually located in the city center. Airports tend to be outside of the city and not only that but you have to factor in the time to get to the airport and security clearance. Sometimes with plane travel, you can be at the airport up to 3 hours or more in advance. Travel by train also makes arriving at your destination easier since you’re already in the heart of the city. Many train stations are connected to public transport so you can get in and out to your destination in a snap. And as a fan of architecture and design, I love the European train stations. They are so stunning!

Rail Europe Antwerp Belgium station

Antwerp’s gorgeous Central Station

Rail Europe Antwerp Belgium station

Waiting for the train in Antwerp

Are you planning a trip to Europe soon or in the future?? If you are and considering train travel, Rail Europe is the best site for planning your travels. They are the experts in European Rail. They are precise, transparent, and easy to use. The more I travel, the more I appreciate sites like this since. As much as I love to travel, the planning part can get overwhelming so I appreciate going to one site that can do it all.

Rail Europe Renfe Spain

The  train station in Barcelona

The survey and opportunity ended.

Thanks to Rail Europe, I am giving you the opportunity to win a 1st Class Eurail Global Pass for 2 people!! This pass gives you unlimited train travel in 28 countries and is worth $1327 USD/$1 662 AUS/$1592 CAD.

All you have to do is answer this quick and easy survey and that’s it. 6 easy questions and you’ll have a chance to win this rad prize. 

**Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Rail Europe. I am not affiliated nor work for Rail Europe. Please direct any questions or comments to them.**

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