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Do you use travel apps? 

If you have ever met me, you may notice that my iPhone is permanently affixed to my right hand. Sad, I know! One thing I love about my iPhone is apps. Anything that helps me with productivity or life in general, I love. And since I travel a fair bit, I tend to test out every travel app. 

Scroll down for a list of the best travel apps.



  • Flights: Find a cheap flight using Skyscanner or Momondo. I like these two booking sites because they both search all websites and airlines around the globe including budget airlines.
  • Accommodations: I use or Tripadvisor to find the best rates on hotels. offers a free night after booking 10 nights.
  • Get up to $40 off your first Air Bnb stay by using this code!
  • Travel Insurance: Having gotten sick on my travels in the past, I never travel without being insured. You never know when something may happen. For my round the world trip and extended long-term travel, I use World Nomads. For other trips, I have used Roam Right and they cover activities like extreme sports.

The Best Travel Apps for iPhones



Skyscanner, both the app and the website, are great for travellers. Not only do the flight searches include the big airlines but budget ones like Air Asia or Southwest also.

I was unfamiliar with the company until I was travelling through Asia. Another traveller I met told me about it when we were sitting around and talking about travel.

Skyscanner has flexible options that show you the best prices over the course of a month or even year, helping you find the best deals. There’s an option called “search everywhere” which is cool because maybe there’s a destination that you didn’t think you’d go to but might because the price is right. The links let you book directly with the airline or travel agent so that you get the lowest price and no fees added.

Download Skyscanner now

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight - Best Travel Apps


Hotel Tonight makes things easy by using your location and shows you a list of the day’s best hotels. Sometimes scenarios happen and you don’t have a hotel room booked. This is where Hotel Tonight is your friend. The hotel rooms available come from an inventory of last-minute rooms that would otherwise remain empty. A win for the hotels and win for your wallet!

Download Hotel Tonight now (use my code ARTW to get a $35 discount off your first booking)

Air Bnb

Air Bnb App

You may be hiding under a rock if you don’t know what Air Bnb is. But in case you don’t, Air Bnb is a vacation home or apartment rental and local experience booking site/app.

People rent out their extra homes or even a room in the house where they currently live to travellers. I still stay at traditional hotels more but there have been times when Air Bnb comes in handy for me like when hotel rooms are sold out. Sometimes I do enjoy the connection to a local host. 

If you have never used Air Bnb Use this link to get up to $40 off your first stay.

Download Air Bnb now

Google Trips

Google trips

Google Trips is an often overlooked app by Google. You can look up a city and find a lot of recommendations like things to do, discounts on attractions and tours, getting around, and food and drink. It connects to your Google Maps so if you’ve saved previous places on the map it will show up in Google Trips. It has recommended day plans to give you inspiration for your trip itinerary. 

Download Google Trips now


Tripit - Best Travel Apps

Tripit is a great travel app for people who travel a lot and want to stay on top of their bookings. It helps me with every trip I take by sending me email reminders for things like flight check-in or to change a seat reservation if I didn’t get it in the first place.

Tripit holds my reservation information for hotels, trains, buses, etc. Since I’m obsessed with collecting points, it even helps me track my points. There is a free version but I like Tripit Pro.

Download Tripit now




I don’t always use Uber but the times I have, it’s been great. Sometimes it’s just helpful to know when a car service is coming instead of trying to hail a cab. It’s perfect for when you’re out drinking too and want to get home safely.

I like the different choices that are offered now like Uber X, Pool, Premium, SUV or XL for more seats. Now there are options for Spanish and even wheel-chair accessible rides. 

If you have not used uber before, use my referral code UBERARNETTE

Download Uber now


Car2go - Best Travel Apps


Car2Go cars are placed all over your city. You get in one of their cars and go. Sign up for an account first of course. The difference between ZipCar and Car2Go is you can go in one direction, rather than having to bring back the car to the same parking spot. Just park the Car2Go in approved areas and you’re done!

I was living in LA and now northern San Diego, so Car2Go does not exist here. It’s currently in cities like Austin, Denver, Miami, Portland, southern San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Vancouver, Toronto and more.

I use the service when I travel and don’t rent a car. Rather than take a taxi and I want to explore different areas, Car2Go is inexpensive and convenient. 

Read more: Using the Car-Sharing Service Car2Go When You Travel

Download Car2Go now


Waze - Best Travel Apps

I’ve been using Waze for a while now. I do like it to get more up to date traffic reports especially in places like Los Angeles. I might like it because the icons are so cute. What I don’t like about Waze is sometimes it recommends me to turn left down a busy street during high traffic hours just to shave off a few seconds. I also don’t like using it at night because sometimes it takes me through shady areas and as a solo lady driver, that’s a no no! But during rush hour, it’s a lifesaver.

Download Waze now


Parkme - Best Travel Apps |


I met the ParkMe guys at a travel show that I went to a few years ago. The funny thing is just an hour before I met them, I spent $30 for parking at the LA Convention Center. How much did I wish I had Parkme before driving to that show.

It does help you find cheaper parking your area in real-time. If you drive and want to save money on parking costs, this is one of the best travel apps for parking. 

Download Parkme now


XE - Currency Exchange Calculator


XE is a free travel app and handy when you’re travelling to foreign destinations. It’s a currency calculator.

When I was on my round the world trip I would use XE when I wanted to know how much I was spending in Dongs, Rupiah, Dirhams, and Pounds. 

Download XE now




The Best Travel Apps

Share your favourite travel apps in the comments with me! 

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