Travel Gadgets: My Current Go To Favorites For Traveling

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Do you love travel gadgets? I do!!! 

I love all gadgets! I’m a bit of a gearhead so I wanted to share some of my favourite travel gadgets and accessories that I take along with me on trips. I find these gadgets to be useful and I would say that I travel with them about 85% of the time. If you know of a traveller in your life, they would make really great gifts for someone. Or they would even make great gifts for yourself!

**Updated March 2016

Anker External Battery

I carry so many travel gadgets and will go out for a whole day so sometimes I need that extra “juice”. I have been very happy with my Anker external battery as well as their customer service.

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Travel Power Strip

Do you ever notice that hotel rooms only have so many outlets? If you have ever travelled with friends you may find yourself fighting over plugs. Even worse if you’re a budget traveller and are in a hostel dorm room. I took a travel power strip with me and it was one of the best things I packed on my round the world trip. Now as a travel blogger, I can’t leave without one since I carry so much gear.

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Universal Plug Adapter

If you travel overseas, you can’t have power without a plug adapter. I have a universal one from my round the world trip since I went to several countries.

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Universal Travel Plug Adapter

Hard Drive

I have to store all the photos and videos I take! I’ve gone through several hard drives and sadly I’ve had a few die. So besides having a cloud drive, I also back up onto a physical hard drive. The “Rugged” ones by LaCie are better than the other ones I’ve tried.

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I was sent the 3 in 1 and the telescopic/polarizing lens by Olloclip to try out. They are both super fun travel gadgets and help you take better photos with your smartphone. Olloclips are small and easy to carry.

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Olloclip For Iphone - Travel Gadget
Olloclip lens for fisheye, macro, and wide-angle shots.

Here are some photos that I took with my different Olloclip lenses:

Iona Beach in Richmond BC |

A fisheye photo that I took at Iona Beach in Richmond, BC, Canada

Mount Douglas Victoria BC

Used the wide angle lens to take this photo from Mount Douglas in Victoria, Canada

Xshot Extender

If you or someone you know is a solo traveller, X Shot extenders are awesome travel gadgets. I know, I know!! Selfie sticks! But seriously, I don’t use them in places where there are tons of people or indoors. I don’t use them when people are around. But I do use them since I travel solo most of the time.

Are you tired of taking selfies with your outstretched arm? My late mother used to joke that I wasn’t really on a round the world trip because I wasn’t in any photos. There are moments where there aren’t any people around to ask or your arm is too short and you can’t get the monument or scenery in the shot.

Here are two examples of selfies that I took up in Canada while travelling solo:

Sunshine Coast Selfie

Here’s a selfie I took on a solo hike on the Sunshine Coast of Canada

Eye-fi Memory Card 

Do you find it a chore to upload photos after you’ve taken hundreds or even thousands? Get an Eye-Fi memory card that automatically uploads to your computer or phone. I got one of these and haven’t looked back. It will automatically upload to any file sharing site or even social media like Facebook. Are you an Instagram or Facebook addict and want to share things immediately? This is for you! I was given one to test recently and when I was in NYC hanging out with 2 photographer friends, they immediately went to B&H and bought one.


I’m trying to up my video game because well…it’s easier to watch a video and sometimes you catch some really awesome experiences. I received a GoPro Hero to test out and I love it! It’s perfect for elements because you can take it in the water, snow, etc. I have yet to but hopefully soon!

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I posted this already but if you didn’t see my Whistler Zipline trek, here it is.

Lifeproof Waterproof Cases 

Do you like taking photos and videos underwater? Or do you want to protect your phone from any kind of spills or accidents? I have been known to drop a phone in a toilet when drinking (sad horns). Lifeproof sent over an iPhone case and I took to the snow and the water. I have one for my phone as well as my Ipad. I love reading by the pool so the iPad case is awesome to avoid spills!

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Lifeproof Case

Lifeproof case in the hot tub at Painted Boat Resort. It works!!

Mirrorless Camera

I bought a Panasonic GX1 and I haven’t looked back since. I used to carry around my DSLR and lenses but sometimes it’s just so darned heavy and cumbersome. I really love that I can carry this camera in my purse and have it on me all the time and the quality of the photos are great. I know that there are crazy awesome cameras but the price was right on this at the time and I wanted to see what the fuss over micro 4/3 cameras was about. Best decision ever. If I had more money I’d probably get the Fuji or a Sony. (Update: I spilled water all over my Panasonic and it died. It was amazing to me and I’m really sad that this happened. I bought a new Sony!!! I love it. I bought this Sony camera and love it.

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Wonderland by Jaume Plensa Calgary Selfie

Here’s a self-timed shot I took with my Sony RX100M3

A Portable Speaker

When I travelling through Asia and hanging out on beaches, I remember missing one thing. Music. When I was in Manila I went to a shop specifically to buy a travel speaker. My friend had one when we were in Bali together and I remember how much fun it was to have tunes. This one by Divoom is portable, not too expensive and tough.

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travel speaker - travel gadgets

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