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How do you find travel inspiration?

I often wonder where people get their travel inspiration. I talk to people who travel a lot. I am not afraid to ask friends or even complete strangers lots of questions. Surrounding yourself with inspiring people is the best way to get motivated to do something you’ve always wanted to do!

A few things that helped motivate me to go on my round the world trip was reading travel blogs and hearing first-hand experiences from travelling friends. An old hometown (Vancouver) acquaintance, Jeannine, is a constant inspiration. She has been all over Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, and India. She hits the road and travels with no fear.

Jeannine and I happened to be in Vancouver during Christmas 2010 at the same time. I noticed on my Facebook that she travelled a ton because of her pictures, so I messaged her and asked her a million questions. Like most travellers, she shared knowledge with me but more importantly, she inspired me. She was off for another adventure through Southeast Asia, India, Africa and parts of Europe and was leaving the same time as me. We stayed in contact on the road so that we would possibly run into each other. It didn’t happen but we both magically ended up being back in Vancouver again after 6 months. She finished her trip and I had to come home for a quick visit to see my mother who was sick. We met up to talk about travel, share stories and had some mini adventures together in Vancouver.

Here are some pictures from our hometown adventures:

Travel Inspo

Janine On A Path To Adventure

J on a path to adventure

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