Media Case Or Cable Case: A Travel Gadget Lover’s Necessity

Prior to setting off for my round the world trip, I knew I was bringing a lot of gear and gadgets with me. I packed a DLSR, a pocket camera, an unlocked mobile phone, an iPod, and a laptop. I brought all these things because I wanted to take lots of photos and be in touch with my family and friends back at home. When I was packing up it was such a mess because I had so many cords and chargers to pack also. I needed something that would house everything including the batteries and chargers. I found a Kangaroom media case, which I really loved.

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It was difficult to find some sort of organizer that would hold all of my media items and this did the job very well. All my cords, plugs, spare batteries, and chargers were kept in one place. It was easy to pack them up neatly and I never lost anything. It was like having a mental checklist of what would go where to make sure I wasn’t leaving things behind.

Media Case for RTW Travel |

Kangaroom Media Case – sadly these are not made anymore

After so many trips my Kangaroom media pouch died and I was lucky enough to receive the Cable Case from DSPTCH. I love it and use it every time I travel from local day trips to extended overseas journeys. It helps keep all of my cables, plug blocks, and gadgets tidy. I cannot go anywhere without it.

Dsptch cord case

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