Travel Outtakes: Unedited And Imperfect Travel Photos

Travel Outtakes - With Bintang Beer |

Let’s be honest here…I usually post what I think are the best photos of myself when sharing online or on social media. Don’t you share what you think are the best-looking photos of yourself? Sometimes there’s a lot of travel outtakes to get that winning holiday photo!

I am not a natural model in front of the camera and I usually hate having my photo taken. I am not that comfortable in front of the camera unless I’ve had a few boozy drinks. Then I turn into a camera whore and photobomb every picture possible. But normally I prefer to be the one who is taking the photos and have been this way since I was young.

I noticed my friend Kayt did a self-portrait project on her blog. She’s a photographer based in the Portland area. I guess it’s a common trait with people who prefer to take photos. They prefer to be behind than in front of the camera. I want to get rid of that anxiety and feel more comfortable. I remember my Mom joking and saying I wasn’t really travelling the world and just emailing photos I took from the internet. She wanted me to send photos of myself in front of monuments to prove to her that I was really travelling.

Lately, I have been organizing photos from recent trips as well as my round the world trip onto hard drives and cloud storage. So I’ve been strolling down memory lane a lot. I wanted to share a handful travel outtakes that I have never posted before.

Check out my travel outtakes:

Sweaty at Angkor Wat - Travel Outtakes |

Travel Outtake Cambodia Style: This was probably the sweatiest day I experienced on my round the world trip. May 2011 at Angkor Wat and about 39 degrees Celsius/102 Fahrenheit and close to 100% humidity.

Travel Outtakes - In San Sebastian |
Travel Outtake San Sebastian Style: Sometimes I look nightmarish in the morning and could care less about primping. Here I am playing a breakfast ping pong match at Olga’s Hostel in Spain

Travel Outtakes - In Boracay |
Travel Outtake Philippines Style: This is myself and my crazy Aussie friend Steve who I met in the Philippines. He might have been the most maniacal person I met on my travels. My eyes are closed shut of course.

Travel Outtakes - With Bintang Beer |

Travel Outtake In Bali Style: Best photo ever. Myself with Dave and Katy at a rock bar in Kuta. We didn’t reshoot another either. I call this “the Dave pose”.

Do you share travel outtakes? 

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