Espadrilles: Why They Are A Great Travel And Style Staple!

I have loved espadrilles ever since I was a child and saw my eldest brother rock them in full on 80s style. They always make me think of warm weather destinations and are so perfect with shorts and dresses.

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When I was in Australia and headed to Asia 2 years ago I thought I’d be able to find them around Sydney and Melbourne for my Southeast Asia beach tour. No such luck. I did find some by a brand called Sueno in Manila at Green Belt Mall and bought a black basic pair for $15 US. They got a bit worn down through Asia and I thought I’d be able to find them everywhere. Wrong again. Everyone was into Toms or knock-off Toms. I prefer the original espadrille style and kept hunting.

Travel style espadrilles

Summer style in the fall

Of course, I found espadrilles while I was travelling in Spain but it was the wrong season. I travelled through Europe in the winter! Sad horns. Oh glorious Spain, you are espadrille heaven! Seen below is my espadrille haul. Each pair was only 4 Euros each. I didn’t tote all of them around with me for another 10 months so I mailed them home via Correos mail service. I wear one pair as house slippers in warm weather as they are way cuter than slippers.

Espadrilles From Spain |

Couldn’t resist a rainbow of footwear happiness

Travel style espadrilles

More Soludos for summer seen at Project Trade Show!! Weeeeee!

Travel style espadrilles

Oh, lacy Soludos at Project Trade Show. Yes!

I am a huge fan of Soludos but alas my tiny feet don’t fit in them? A 36 is too big if you can believe it. So sad. It’s always best to buy them super tight as they stretch. I tried a 36 and I slipped out of them all day. Spanish espadrilles you’ll have to do, but I would love a pair of striped classic ones. Will have to do more exploring in Spain or online.

Do you wear espadrilles? Below are some espadrilles that I would recommend if you’re shopping for some yourself!




Espadrilles: Why They Are A Great Travel And Style Staple! |

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