The Travel Lover Holiday Gift Ideas

Sony RX100M3
The Ultimate traveller Holiday Gift Guide!

I’m a little bit late with this post but with online shopping and express delivery, it’s never too late to buy the perfect holiday gift for the traveller in your life!!! I know that buying gifts can be tough so I wanted to share a traveller holiday gift guide to make it easier for you!

For the Unisex traveller


I have a bunch of GoPros, like the newest Session, a Hero 3 Black, and now the Hero 4 Silver. I love shooting video and photos with it. It’s easy to carry around and it’s super durable. I love the screen on the back of the Silver. For someone who’s super sporty or travels alone, it’s awesome.

GoPro Hero4 Silver - traveler holiday gift guide

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GoPro Angels Rest

A Hero 4 Silver photo from a hike at Angels Rest near Portland, Oregon

Here’s a video I made with only my GoPro Hero 4 Silver:

favourite GoPro Accessories:

*Check out this post for more detail about how I use my GoPro and accessories by clicking here.
GoPro 3 Way

This is my current favourite thing to use as a solo traveller right now. It’s a selfie stick as well as a tripod.

GoPro 3 way - traveler holiday gift guide

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I shot the photo of myself with the 3 Way set up as a tripod and the time lapse feature on the GoPro:

GoPro Redwood Forest

 In the Redwood Forest in Northern California

GoPro Big Sur Selfie - solo traveler photo tips

A Big Sur GoPro selfie with the GoPro 3 Way

Jaws Clamp with Goose Neck

At first, I didn’t think this was really necessary, then I played around with it. This combo is awesome! I clipped my GoPro to my tripod to get a bit of a higher height than the 3 way when I wanted to shoot photos with my GoPro. The clamp is super tough and could clip onto a ton of things.

GoPro Jaws Clamp - traveler holiday gift guide

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Here’s an example of the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur:

Bixby Bridge GoPro

The Frame

I am loving “The Frame” mount for my GoPro right now. It’s super lightweight and there’s a hole for a charging cable in case you have a low battery or are charging it as you’re driving and filming. It’s great for the sound quality as well since a full case is not muffling sound.

GoPro Frame Mount - traveler holiday gift guide

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Extra GoPro Battery

Nothing is worse than getting ready to take footage or a photo and your battery is dead. An extra GoPro battery is always important.

GoPro Battery - traveler holiday gift guide

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Spare memory cards


lexvar micro SD card

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I’m really bad at deleting old photos so I always carry spare memory cards. I left my GoPro time-lapse function run so I end up with a million photos. This memory card is great because it comes with its own reader you can stick into a computer.

Sony Mirrorless (almost pocket) Camera

 Sony RX100M3

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After a year, I’m still very much in love with my Sony RX100M3. The photo quality is excellent. The size is handy for shooting almost everything (not super zoom) and the video capabilities are excellent. I can also upload my amazing quality photos direct to my phone and post to social!

Here’s an example of a photo from my Sony:

Rocky Mountaineer Selfie

A Rocky Mountaineer Selfie from my Sony RX100M3

Here’s a video I made solely with my Sony RX100M3:


As a solo traveller, having a tripod is important. Not only for taking selfies but to have some stability. Blurry photos of holding your camera steady will be reduced. It’s great for taking long exposures and more. While I don’t have this particular tripod by MeFoto, I’m pretty keen on it. It’s super-lightweight for travel and you can take one leg off and make it a monopod. I want it (hint hint family!)


mefoto tripod

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Portable Speaker

I love playing music when I travel so I usually bring some sort of travel speaker. I broke my last one so a gadget-loving guy friend recommended this one by Nude Audio. I like how small it is and I checked out the reviews online and they sound great!

nude audio

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As much as I’m a digital person, I still love writing things down. I take notes when I travel. I write down to-do lists, thoughts, etc. I love Moleskine notebooks. The extra small fits in my purse perfectly!


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Lifeproof case for your iPad

This is totally awesome the traveller who loves to lounge by the pool. Oh, what! Yes bring your digital magazine or book to the pool and don’t worry about the splash.

Lifeproof Ipad Mini Case

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Anker External Battery

I’ve written about this external battery before. Nothing is worse than when you’re out and about exploring and your smartphone dies. Be prepared! This charger has two ports so you can charge up your buddy or two gadgets at the same time!

Anker External Battery Charger

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Portable Extension Cord

This is seriously the best thing ever. There are new models out with USB ports which I want to try but I cannot recommend this enough for people who travel with gadgets and gear. I brought it on my RTW trip and have travelled it with ever since.

Monster Outlet To Go

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All In One Plug Adapter 

While you can get plugs for every country you travel to, it’s handy to have one that works for all countries. This was great for my RTW trip since I was going to several countries or even if you’re going to a new continent where different countries will need different plugs.

All In One Plug Adapter

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Passport Wallet

I’ve written about this wallet before, but I’ll share it again. I love this one by Bellroy. It comes with a mini pen for when you’re fumbling around looking for a pen at immigration.  There are internal pockets for your passport and currencies. There’s a slot for an extra SIM card or luggage key, slots for cards which I tend to only use for travel (my residency card), and the leather is weather resistant. I’m not overly girly so the masculine wallet suits me fine!

bellroy elements travel wallet

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Cases and organizers

When travelling it’s best to stay organized so I try to compartmentalize all my things. If they are in cases and containers I can find them easily and stay organized. Even when I’m not travelling, I try to keep things organized in my purse.

I have written about Baggu before, but I love their cheerful 3 D-zip cases as well many of their items. I also love their totes in canvas and leather.

3D Zip Case

baggu 3d zip

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Carry-All Tote 

I love foldable bags when I go out as well as for travel. Who knows when I will go out shopping and end up bringing more items than I left with. This Carry All by Baggu is super cute and folds up!

baggu carryall

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Dsptch Cord Case

I’ve written about this case before. I carry a ton of gadgets with me so I need to stay organized. This is perfect for someone who travels with a smartphone, camera, and laptop.

Dsptch cord case

Dsptch Cord Case
Packing Cubes

I’m totally on the packing cube train. Even if I’m going somewhere for a few days. It keeps everything organized and tight. You can fit way more and stay organized. I have used several different brands but as of late I have been using ones by Lewis N Clark.

Lewis N Clark ElectroLight Packing Cubes |

Lewis N Clark Packing Cube
For the ladies!
Fun Sleep Mask

When you need to sleep on a plane and your neighbour has the window shade up or when the hotel room is not dark enough, a sleep mask is your best friend.

eyemask Flight 001

Sleep mask by Flight 001
Face Wipes

These Bioderma wipes are a bit on the spendy side, but I have never come across another makeup remover or cleanser more thorough than this. These are not sold in the US in stores so I stock up when I go home to Canada. The wipes are awesome for your carry on. I seriously don’t think I cleaned my face before using Bioderma!! It is a game-changer and worth the price!

I wrote about beauty favourites in a post here.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes

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Solid Fragrance by Diptyque

I stopped carrying liquid fragrance due to all my travels and have been carrying a solid fragrance by Diptyque. I totally love it and it barely takes up any room in my bag. My favourite scent is Do Son.

Diptyque solid fragrance

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Apple Itunes Gift Card

Gift cards are always a great gift! I don’t buy much music anymore since I have a Spotify membership, but I love buying apps to help me be more productive.

iTunes gift card

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And of course, if you really want to give the best gift to a travel lover, buy them a plane ticket or even some hotel gift certificates. Everyone wants a holiday!

Happy Holidays friends and hope you get what you want this year!

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