Sun Run: I Registered And Am Running My First Road Race!

I have always said I would run a race one day, especially the Vancouver Sun Run. I always think it or say it and then I never do. Why?! I make excuses then quit my training. Then I get depressed about it. It’s a vicious cycle of lame excuses and putting off a commitment to my health. I am coming up on another birthday soon and I figure that now is the time. No more bullshit (sorry)! No more excuses!

I called one of my best friends on her birthday a few weeks ago and we griped about getting old. All of a sudden she said, “Hey, wanna run a marathon?” To which I quickly replied, “Noooo!” I am not crazy. I said that I would start small if I were going to run a race. By the end of our conversation, we decided we were going to run the Vancouver Sun Run. It’s one of the biggest 10 km races around and it’s our hometown of Vancouver.

I actually started training this week. I am starting as a newbie who has never run because I feel out of shape. I’m ahead of the training schedule for a 10km but I thought that I may run a 5 km race first and then move onto 10 km training. The Vancouver Sun Run is at the end of April so that should give me ample time. It works out perfectly because I want to head back north to visit my Pops and get some snowboarding in at Whistler before the season is finished.

Have any of you trained for a race before? I have a ton of friends who run and have even completed marathons. I am hoping by publicly announcing my registration that I will stay committed and complete the race.

Here’s proof that I registered:

Vancouver Sun Run |

Wish me luck guys!!



To see if I completed my training and ran the race, click here.

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