Culver City Salads: A Vancouver Vegan Food Truck

Culver City Salads |
Heading to Vancouver and stumped about vegan dining?

Scrolling through my food photo albums and posts, you would think that I’m anti-salad. I love meat! I have also started eating everything. I am now eating everything in sight including food I used to loathe. I used to hate olives and I love them now. I wouldn’t eat weird organs and I ate sweetbreads in Toronto. What the hell happened to me?? Travel has changed my culinary habits. But life isn’t always fancy meals and delicious treats…I actually am feeling all this eating catch up to me. I am checking into my own self-induced health ashram when I head back to California. Juicing, cleansing, exercise and healthy living. I might even post it so you can cheer me on.  But while I am still in Vancouver, I have decided to balance my eating. I knew that I was going to a dinner with a load of friends in Chinatown last night and eat up a storm. So to counteract the gluttony, I decided to have a healthy salad for lunch. I have been seeing photos of Culver City Salads on friends feeds on social media for a bit now, so for lunch, I decided to try it out.

Culver City Salads - Best Budget Meals Under $20 In Vancouver |

Yum, it was so awesome and filling!

When I got to Culver City Salads food truck, I decided on a soba noodle salad with a creamy green dressing. The salad had kale, chard, chickpeas, blanched and tons of other yummy veggies (shown above). They let me take photos of the other salads that were available so I could show you some options. I’d definitely eat all of them! And this wasn’t rabbit food, my salad kept me full till dinner.

Culver City Salads |


Culver City Salads |

Grain free salad

Culver City Salads

You can find their food truck usually parked on Hamilton and Georgia
(in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre)

Check their Twitter to see if they will be at new locations.

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Culver City Salads |

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