West Coast Road Trip Stop: Hang Time In San Francisco

Craftsman and Wolves
Hi, Friends!

You may have read my post about San Jose and so it may seem a bit funny that I stopped in San Francisco right after. Both cities are quite close to each other at only an hour in driving distance. I stopped to spend time with my Canadian friends Ida and Jay. Jay works for a tech company who moved him from Toronto to the Bay Area. Ida, his wife, moved also. I love spending time with them because like most Canadians, they are super chill, fun, and friendly. They have hosted me and hung out all over the place including San Diego when Ida was living there, Madrid when Jay did his masters there, Toronto to meet up for dinner, and Winnipeg when I was visiting in 2014, in LA, and now in San Francisco.

Ida and Jay live in an area called Noe Valley so it wasn’t too far to walk to a neighborhood called The Mission. We stopped in at Craftsman and Wolves bakery and grabbed what is known as “A Rebel Within”. It’s a sausage, green onion, and asiago cheese muffin with a soft cooked egg inside. OMGGGG. You must have one of these if you’re in San Francisco!

Check out these mostly food related San Francisco photos:

Craftsman and Wolves

Here’s what it looks like pre-cut

Craftsman and Wolves

After. Oh so scientifically amazing

Frozen Custard San Francisco

Then went for a frozen custard at the Velvet Scoop. It was good but I think I should have gotten toppings

DSPTCH San Francisco

After we popped into my friend’s shop DSPTCH!!

Mission Dolores Park

We hung out for a bit at Mission Dolores Park. The tightrope walkers got ticketed, but not beer pong-ers. SF is funny!

Izakaya Rintaro San Francisco

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Rintaro. So good!

On Sunday, Ida and I met up with her friend and we went to Presidio Park (the park beside the Golden Gate Bridge) for what’s known as Off the Grid. It’s basically a street food carts and trucks festival on Sundays. We had picnic blankets and just chilled and ate and it was pretty fun. The line-ups can get long but there’s a ton of choice so it’s not too bad. I love that they serve wine & beer at a stand and there’s a guy that has a Bloody Mary cart.

Banh Mi Off The Grid Little Green Cyclo

A banh mi at Little Green Cyclo (Vietnamese street food) at Off The Grid

Creme Brulee Cart San Francisco

Crème Brulee Cart at Off The Grid. OMG this was insanely good

In the evening, we went to Rite Spot Cafe because Augie’s Montreal Smoked Meat was having a pop up there and my friend Jay wanted to have a sandwich. We were their last customers so we split a sandwich and had some poutine. I would definitely go back for the sandwich. We then went for a drink at Trick Dog Bar. It’s a cocktail in the Mission and they have run with a monthly theme and focus for the cocktails. It’s pretty awesome. This month was a Chinese restaurant. I wish I took photos of the menu. The music there was super good too. I’m a fan.

Auggies Montreal Smoked Meat

Augie’s Montreal Smoked Meat (it’s proper!)

Trickdog San Francisco

Trick Dog

My last day, Ida and I went out for some lunch. We took forever to decide and by then we just went with what was close. We had some pho at a place called Mau. It’s sort of a hipster vibe, which I don’t care for, with Vietnamese food. I really love down-home Vietnamese cooking so I’d probably pass on this place unless I didn’t want to venture out far.

Boba Guys San Francisco

We did stop for boba at the Boba Guys. If you love boba, this place rocks. I always order the taro milk tea and am super boring but this time, I asked for a recommendation and loved it. I got the strawberry green tea with tapioca balls. They use small batch teas and organic milk. No weird chemicals etc. It’s so good!

And that was my visit to San Francisco! I have a handful of friends who live in the city but I was short on time. Hopefully, when I come back through I can see them as well. Thanks to Jay and Ida for being so rad to hang out with and hosting me of course.


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